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Last couple posts ... you guys make good points about Wake over Smith as an overall player, but we're talking just pass-rushing here. And in my opinion, numbers matter. I don't care if Justin Smith took a crowbar out there and knee-capped Aldon's blocker on every down ... Aldon had 19.5 sacks 13 games in ... on pace to break Strahan/Gastineau's record. And he had 14 sacks as a rook despite not starting at all, and getting very few snaps the first three weeks. Those are eye-popping numbers ... numbers Cameron Wake can't match. Wake has averaged 10.75 sacks over four seasons ... less than Elvis.

And let's get really real ... the thread title is wrong, he's not the best pass-rusher in the league. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Von, in fact I'm 'bout ready to go gay for that Warby Parker wearing Urkel-sack-machine, but he's not the best pass-rusher in the league.
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