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Originally Posted by theAPAOps5 View Post
Well one of the ghosts decided to go full a-hole and create mass chaos for a few people, including myself and JCM. What they chose to do was not against the rules but it all came to a boil right at vote time and it left me a little flustered trying to catch up.

If we had been given notice we would have been prepared to answer the onslaught of cloak requests faster. As such it took me a little while to figure out what was going on.

The ghosts were left to decide who they wanted to give the cloaks to and they were to give us the final list of the cloaked. That happened and the result of the game would not have changed based on how the cloaks were used.

Unfortunately a few people were mislead on their cloak gifts. Some folks thought they had more than they did, others thought they had one and didn't. It is a risk of working with a ghost, but I assure you it won't happen again like it did today. JCM and myself will ensure that we are fully prepared to handle any chaos that may be created by a ghost.... because they are still going to be active in this game.
I assure you I got more then one.
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