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Originally Posted by lolcopter View Post
4k broadcast is YEARS away, maybe never possible without some heavy duty compression. From a consumer purchasing standpoint though, these super petabyte DVDs would provide enough space for 4k movies which can easily run 100GBs+

Right now the only way to watch 4k video is off a hard-drive. Blu-Ray own large enough, this tech may be a solution

Correct but people want on demand tv...........Sony's lame attempt including a computer with their overpriced 4k sets was their answer.

Broadcast and internet 4k likely will never happen.

Basically you need 80 inch and up sets to actually see a difference and that is setting 5-6 feet away.

Basically if you have one of these you have an upconverting best it is doubling the info it receives. NOT GOOD.

How many times do you watch that dvd or blu ray you own ?>

I think this new tech is a great advancement but not the answer.
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