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Originally Posted by razorwire77 View Post
Without a doubt. Young guy, big guy with long arms, drafted relatively high, good college pedigree, had a redshirt year, the 1st team guy ahead of you is hurt and they immediately sign a veteran off of the street without even giving you a shot through training camp to grab the job. That, and the fact that you have Ramirez taking the snaps in Walton's absence up until this point.

Not good.
This is his SECOND year. You think Elway or Fox is going to let Manning train a center? Nope. Koppen will train him up - Walton was ahead of him in the lineup anyway and was drafted in the 3rd round not the fourth, 2 years prior. Unfortunately he appears to be injury-prone. Drafting Blake was for depth. He isn't going to start until he gets his feet under him, and that may NOT happen w/ Manning

If Osweiler was starting, we'd be sinking or swimming with Blake - not getting an experienced guy like Koppen.
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