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Originally Posted by lolcopter View Post
None of those features were ever confirmed by MS and they were still trying to hash out all the sharing details. For instance, two people playing the same single player game simultaneously on different systems probably wouldn't fly, and they weren't even able to fully explain how your "family share group" will be regulated or controlled. You also could not have two xbox live accounts signed in simultaneously on the same system. There was a lot of pie in the sky dreams behind their original rollout, but the fact they aren't even able to answer very basic questions about how their cloud sharing/service is gonna work keeps going back to the inept leadership running that show. No leadership, no vision.
Well I'm pretty sure that since it was officially rescinded, it was also confirmed at some point. We don't have every detail of either console at this point, so if you're trying to say that the plans weren't finalized. No ****.

With how far games have moved towards being multiplayer-centric, I'm pretty sure they would have allowed single player on 2 systems for a majority of games, but publishers could eliminate that if, for example, it was a single player only game. We will never know how or if it would have worked now.

Where did you hear that they wouldn't allow 2 accounts to be signed in simultaneously? Really, what difference does it make? Why would you need 2 accounts signed in simultaneously?
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