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Originally Posted by Lycan View Post
They've already done too much damage IMO. Unless they announce some amazing exclusives soon gamers who are still trying to decide between PS4 and XB1, I have to believe, are going to go with the cheaper, non-kinect strapped PS4.

They'll still get plenty of hardcore Xbox fans, but the unaffiliated section of gamers have little reason to buy their system and I'm sure this whole DRM thing has left a sour taste in a lot of peoples mouths.

Who's to say Microsoft won't simply try this again in a year or two through a software update? Are you really going to trust them after all this DRM, "Gamers will love this!", crap?

I'm done with Xbox.
Who's to say Sony won't either? Would you buy games directly from Sony instead of driving somewhere? I know I would prefer to play games off my hard disc and quit having to swap them in and out of my machine.
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