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You can keep arguing with me but you clearly know very little about either journalism or marketing. Violence, sex, wealth, fame, and money are "interesting" and therefore they "sell". In this case we have the violence, and we have the fame (although the average person probably doesn't know who Aaron Hernandez is). The writer adds a detail like the price of the house to bring another of those selling points explicitly into the equation. Really a very simple concept.
For such a simple concept you've got it all kinds of mixed up. Throwing sex, violence, fame, wealth and money into an article because you or those who might read an article will find them interesting in order to increase sales does not by any means increase the information provided nor the journalistic integrity of the piece.

There's a vast chasm between real journalism and marketing, and sirhcyennek81 clearly has a more accurate understanding of one of them than you do.
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