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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by chanesaw View Post
If one of our 3 starting guards could move to center it would give us the chance to start our best 5 linemen. It makes sense for it to be Kuper since he is our most seasoned lineman, I would feel comfortable with him making the calls. He has also been voted a captain a few times, a rareity for a guard, so he has the leadership we want. He has been the backup long snapper, so we know he has practiced snapping. When healthy he is our 2nd best lineman, the only question is his ankle. Even Nalen endorsed the switch, I hope he is healthy and willing.
^ let's not forget when Walton was new, Kuper was the one helping with the line calls.

This is fine, guys. You hate to lose any depth but this is possibly even serendipity. Two years in a row, haha.
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