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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by BroncosSR View Post
Pound for pound, he'd still beat your ass.

Until you play on an even playing field, don't attempt to pretend your organization is better. Remember, you needed 5 straight picks of 5 or better, 4 of them are 1 or 2. That's unprecedented. You needed the god damn commissioner to get Crosby behind closed doors. And then you need 4 more picks. Don't pretend you earned your history in the last 6 years on your own accord.

You changed the game of hockey for the worse. And if you can't see that, you're as blind as your entire fan base. It's disgusting and you should be ashamed. I'll challenge you any day to the Flyers storied fan base against the Penguins. We owned you for 15 years. You couldn't win in this city. You never will. As soon as you lose that Crosby, I'll see you in Kansas City. Remember this, because I sure will. I respect you passion, but don't you dare for a second look down on ours. Your team would barely survive. You need every advantage you can get and you'll never, ever be able to know what the Flyers mean to the city of Philadelphia.

Keep talking about 1975. I'm ****ing proud of it. You know why, because we won the cup like it was meant to be won. Not this p***Y **** your team puts on the ice every year. This big boy hockey, get your **** ass team off the ice.

Sorry for my soapbox, for some reason Socal, you're comments rubbed me the wrong way.
I don't recall insulting the Flyers history or saying we had a superior one. A few months ago I did mention 1975 like once, but my comment above is just a reflection of a fan hoping a rival GM makes a blunder. I'm sure you feel the same way about our transactions.

I like your passion though....good stuff.
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