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It wasn't like Elvis went out in FA and got a better deal than what Denver had originally offered him

He received a more than fair market value offer in Denver, a leadership role and what looks like a better shot at Lombardi. Elway had Elvis' league wide value spot on but Elvis didn't want to be here.

Had he done something worthwhile in the playoff game I'm sure he would have had more leverage with Denver during his negotiating period but
I'm not giving a guy an extra $2MM when half his sacks came on the 1st play or at /near the end of the game in garbage time.
That is besides the point. If Denver would have just left it be they still would have plenty of room under the cap and Doom would be on the team for this year. Then they could have traded him before next years draft or renegotiated his contract and the cap hit would have been less.

Denver is not a better team without Doom.
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