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I'm in my late 50's and I won't consider it. I don't have bad hair loss or anything, but I can agree with you about the driving force being their wives.

I've always thought those things were expensive? I wonder how much Wes had to pay for this procedure?

I've always been under the impression that you go with the cards you're dealt. If it gets too bad, get the #1 trimmer out and be prepared for change.

I do admit I have seen some guys do this because they think they won't be attractive anymore. I can honestly say that women (well most at least) won't care about that.

I'm assuming it cost Wes at least 10k to do this. I'd rather use that money on a nice vacation or a new car, but that's just me.
He is a spokesman for the hair plug company so I doubt he paid anything. It sou nds to me he has to do it every year or something. I bet the all the procedures are much more than $10,000.
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