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Originally Posted by errand View Post
Some Americans expect their president to have higher morals and character.....

Personally I don't give a **** that he ****ed or blew a load on Lewinski.....I'm just pissed he did it on the taxpayer's dime....and surely the leader of the free world could score a hot super model or actress, etc.......hell anyone of us could have nailed Lewinsky.
So you don't expect a President to act with a certain level of decorum while in office? Getting caught shoving cigars up an interns **** will go down in history. 100 yrs from now kids will read up on it and say holy cow this one got caught shoving a cigar up an interns vag. Seriously that will stand out more then he reformed welfare and the nasdaq went nuts under him. Bush should have murdered some intern p***Y and set a precedent for all time. Every Pres has to bang his interns.
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