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The idea of public money only could only work for the last election between two people. Otherwise how do we sort through the 1000's of people would ask for public money.

The smart thing to do is attack contributions with a tax. Then send that money into the public fund which gets divided between the last men standing.

So in primary dems could fund dems to get the person they want onto the ticket. But then in the end the last fight done with public money. The tax would severly curtial a companies desire to throw money around IMO. It wouldn't have to be a big tax so it it would sound small, but be big. I am a low tax person but companies and unions throwing money around to get influence in DC is not my idea of trickle down low tax.

Attack behavoir you don't like, that isn't good for the country with a tax. Attack things that are good for us with super low taxes. Thats why i dont really dislike cigg tax, alcohol tax. But gas tax bothers me sometimes ya know? Because you have to buy gas and in calif its a joke.
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