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Seriously? Are you going there again? Hmm, let's see. We'll break it down for you all just 1 last time. Let's see if it sinks in finally.

Walton was there at the beginning when everything was totally brand new. A new QB who wasn't sure how he was going to play. A totally new offensive system. All those new things you can't possibly expect they would have gelled in the first several games. Now throw in that it was Walton that played the teams that were the hardest on the Broncos schedule. Not taking anything away from Koppen but when he came in, the opposing teams were not as challenging and the offense had 4 games and 4 more weeks of additional practice in which to get cohesiveness.
Sorry, Walton is just not very good. I'll never understand why some of you seem so dead set on defending a guy who has never shown anything special as a starter.
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