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Dear Associates of Survivor,

It has come to my attention that Conklin is trying to cause a stir and have me voted off. I hope all of you can be trusted to ensure that Hobo goes off instead of me this round.

After that, feel free to throw me off the spaceship. I just want to foil Conklin's plans for now.

You all have come to me or inquired about plans and I was open and honest with all you.

I talked about the # of people interested and I know some have already placed their votes.

Keep it consistent.

This is a group of people who if you play your cards right and stick with Hobo, could end up playing together and get the other 8 people not listed here out in a jiffy.

Be wise. Be smart. Vote with confidence.

Plus Conklin is ugly and Hobo is half disabled. The trash needs to go first.

-- Requiem

Emperor of Methwolf Alliance
I win!
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