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Originally Posted by Conklin View Post
there's only 19 total possible votes...hell I'm afraid I'll be attending Old Dude's funeral before we find out the results.
See, what you guys don't realize is what the votes actually look like when the host gets them. Example:

Dortoh: Okay, Round 3 I vote for TheDave.

Old Dude: This is Round 2.

Dortoh: Oh, wait. Nevermind I need to change that.

Old Dude: Okay.

Dortoh: Round 3 I vote for Rascal.

Old Dude: I don't care who you want to vote for in Round 3. Are you voting in Round 2 or not?

Dortoh. Yes. Like I said.

Old Dude. Okay, who then.

Dortoh: Mile Hi unless he's already got enough votes to be gone. Otherwise myself.

Old Dude: You can't make a conditional vote.

Dortoh: Okay, in that case the one before the other one.

Old Dude: WTF Times almost up.

Dortoh: Wait I need to check with my alliances.

Old Dude: ......
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