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Originally Posted by Quoydogs View Post
Brown bears are the same as Black bears. Grizzly, kodiac, bruins,polar are all different.
What are you talking about?

Black bears and polar bears are separate species.

Brown bears, Kodiak bears (one of many subspecies), and grizzly bears are all essentially the same species.

Brown bears are called brown bears, but they are essentially coastal grizzly bears and are called brown bears if they reside within close proximity to a coast (25 miles or so). They grow larger than inland grizzly bears in large part due to their diet (abundance of salmon) and genetics by mating with other larger coastal bears. The Kodiak brown bear is a brown/grizzly bear, but due to being on an island, they are genetically isolated and considered a subspecies of brown/grizzly bear due to their isolation.

As for bruin....that's just another name for a brown bear, as I think bruin is Dutch for brown.

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