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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
He was only Vietnam era underwater demoltion. They didn't have Seals yet. But.... even though he can be a bit crazy he was someone who tried to lower and reform taxes. He's socially liberal which I am also but we disagree on abortion. He's not a big spender and was a proponet of mass transit which I guess is a good idea in any city.
You've got your military history wrong here, buddy. The SEALs were in operation during Vietnam. The USN Underwater Demolitions Team were just not part of the SEALs yet. And no, I didn't just look this up on Google, I read it in a book like people do, called Combat Swimmer. Actually a very good read.

But I digress.

Nice deflection on Warren, by the way. But did you know that his opponent was in the Army as well?
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