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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
IDK, I watched just about every kFc game and I saw a lot of gator arm action, bad routes, guys quitting on routes, WR's being destroyed on the LOS and no TE to throw to underneath.

Smith had above avg WR's and TE's who ran great routes and were not afraid to get hit.

Not saying I would want Cassell on my team but he was not the only one responsible for losing, it got much worse when Quinn went in.
Yeah no. Charles and Bowe are great weapons. Cassel just sucks ass and couldn't utilize them like he did before.

Bowe ran the same solid routes he did in 2010 when he got 15 TD's. The difference was Cassel making terrible decisions.

Cassel has been making these horrible decisions ever since the Ravens playoff game in 2010. Anyone who watches the Chiefs play could easily see that.

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