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Chris Harris

Look at this article. Guy who wrote it is a clown. Says KC will win and his reason.................the Broncos are 1 neck injury from sucking, his exact words. Really? We're going that route again? He picked KC last year as well. What I find stupid is that his reason KC wins is based on "what if's". Well, what if Charles goes down? What if Alex Smith goes down? For that matter, what if anybody's #1 QB goes down. Don't you think that's going to hurt any team, sure it is.

I predict the Broncos will win the Superbowl. Not because we're a great team, but because what if every other team in the NFL lost several key players to injury this year. Yeah, that sounds right. I should write an article like that and send it to FootballNation and it probably could get published. Just like this POS article. Haha.
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