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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
I think Cassell is the better overall QB between him and Smith, Both have had turnover issues, though Cassell has had them recently whereas Smith had his early in his career.

Athletically it is a push

Cassell has the better arm, Smith the better accuracy but Smith had better WR's in San Fran, he is not going to have the same thing in kFc. Cassell was let down a lot by poor route running and WR's who could not catch. Cassell's fumbling issues are all on him though.

There was no way Cassell should have been benched for Quinn. kFc might have won 4 games and got 5 more guys in the Pro Bowl if they stuck with Cassell.

How about you take a look at Cassel and Smith the last 2 years and say that with a straight face.

Man you are one stupid uneducated football fan. Cassel threw the ball 10 feet over Bowe's head all the time. He was terrible at placing the ball anywhere on the field.
He even got McCluster hurt with his terrible passes.

Alex Smith is an average QB, but my God Cassel isn't even a top 32 QB in the league anymore. Hell I would take a few backups over him.

It's also hilarious that you rag on Bowe. Bowe has been a good WR every year with terrible QB's his entire career. I'd take him over Crabtree any day.

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