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It's still dark out there folks. We need to get you to your ships in a hurry. Life support air will taste so sweet....

But for now, everyone is still shooting in the dark.

Votes are due by 4 PM EST/2 MST tomorrow. You can include Apa in the voting process, but make sure I am PMed your vote as well.

There is, of course, a twist.

There are interlopers that will soon be making their presence known in this game. These....participating non-participants....will have information that they can give out, but only to those that deserve it. Be on the look out for them.

Also, as Old Dude correctly predicted, non-participants (folks who do not vote) are going to have a hard time staying alive in this game. My advice? Set phasers to "Shake 'N Bake" and come out blasting.

The lights will come on very soon......
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