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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
Marion will be off the books after this season. Cavs need a SF pretty bad, so you can draft Porter or sign a guy for a season then hope LBJ comes back. If you draft a SF first overall you are pretty much saying no to James coming back. And yes I don't want James back. despite what people think the Cavs did everything they could to please James and he still left.
That's not true...James can play a stretch four. He just needs good players around him no matter who the player. He's adaptable. Who do you wanna see with the overall pick?

The Cavs did everything they could, true, but they couldn't get the proper team around him. They just didnt have the flexibility at the time. I think it'd be an awesome story for him to come back and win clevelands first championship since god knows when. (the last time the browns won one?)
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