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Malik Jackson

The modern "conservative" (in American terms anyway), has nothing to do with conservatism. They are radicals. They espouse a radical ideology that is totally opposed to the previous 100 years of American political evolution. They dismantled the progressive tax system initiated under TR. They dismantled the regulation apparatus built after the hard lessons of the Depression. They have attacked some of the primary foundations of this republic, like separation of church and state, for thirty years. They have effectively neutered every hard fought environmental protection instituted since the 60s, and now they are going after the progress we made in racial equality. Their policies have created a corporate-centric state with an almost feudalistic disparity of income to show for it.

The country bequeathed to us by the Greatest Generation after WWII has been entirely dismantled and left in smoking ruin by these "conservatives." And they're not done yet. Now they're going after government itself. They simply throw sand in the gears and bring the entire apparatus to a halt, pushing the government into sequester and killing whatever meager recovery was beginning to happen.

By any political definition, that is a radical agenda. Perhaps you could argue that they are reactionary radicals, but the utopia of a no-government world they envision has never existed, so I don't know what fetid nightmare they intend to drag this country back to.
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