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Again, you're not making sense. No one is saying the Spurs is the "wrong way," obviously they are great. But guess what? There are several other teams in the NBA (the vast majority) that don't sniff a title. Miami, constructing their team to have the cap space to land those three guys in 2010, also clearly built their team "the right way."

Again, this "sports moralism" about how to build a team, like there's some sort of inherent good in getting lucky in the draft (the Spurs, after all, did land the number one pick to get Duncan) is ridiculous. Just ****in' get over it.
I think it just goes back to Lebron leaving Cleveland. I've heard people say it wouldve been more respected if he won 1 ring in Cleveland as oppose to 3 in Miami. Win a ring with the team that drafted you. Magic did it. Bird did it. Kobe. Duncan. Jordan. Etc etc. instead of moving on to a team that's better. But IMO that has to do with having great FOs as well as being a great player. I'm not sure Cleveland's FO at the time would be considered great like the players I mentioned FOs
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