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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Obama is horrible. His plan for Syria is underwhelming and does not fill me with confidence. How about you? What are we supposed to do elect Hilliary to fix it all, how about Rand Paul? holy ****ing cow we are ****ed.
Obama's foreign policy initiatives have been terrible off the rip. My POLS thesis was entitled: "AfPak: Obama's Graveyard"

I would prefer that we stop engaging and meddling in other affairs where our presence isn't necessary. The GWOT is a myth. It is glorified ghost chasing. It is a waste of time and resources. Ideas cannot be killed. We have six to seven decades of pissing down our legs without and positive results on that end. We need to focus our efforts at home.

I am not interested in either Clinton or Paul. I have a short list of about five candidates I would deem worthy POTUS and it is likely that none of them will even have a chance of getting out of the early rounds of the primaries and caucuses.
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