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Great reply to my comments but facts remain manning is a choke artist in the playoffs. Hopefully we can just get up on guys early this year so we dont put ourselves in a position for a manning comeback.

What i believe welker adds to this offense isnt like a whole nother td pergame from our 31 ppgav last year but eficiency. A guy that will keep the chains moving. A smart player that cuts off his routes or has sight adjustments with manning . I believe this offense will keep the defense fresh by sustaining drives. Welkers willingness to block will come in handy aswell. I hope montee wins rook of the year. I think he has a real shot if healthy
I think What Welker will add is a more dominant team. Sure Denver scored 30 PPG last year but often they were battling in the 4th quarter. I think you'll see Denver more comfortably ahead at halftime. Could that be the difference in winning in the palyoffs? Maybe, we'll see.
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