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A new beginning!
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Default Survivor 8 - The Next Generation!

Como Estas Beeches! Welcome to Survivor 8 - The Next Generation!

Let us begin another journey into the serious world of online survivor. The dude known as Old Dude has retired as MC and creator of the annual Orange Mane Survivor extravaganza. As past winners of Survivor, JCMElway and myself have taken over and thus begins the next generation!

As such, this years theme will be Star Trek based. So yeah, set your phasers to dork and lets get this party started.

20 brave souls have signed up for this intergalactic slap fest:

1. DBroncos4life
2. Broncosteven
3. Bowtown
4. Conklin
5. Falconer
6. Irish Stout
7. BFoflcommish
8. Rabb
9. Kaylore
10. ghwk
11. Ultimatehobo
12. Bmoremanning?
13. BM4E
14. Dr. Broncenstein
15. Phibacka31
16. Gunns
17. Requiem
18. Heyneck
19. Ludo21
20. Quoydogs

Rules will be posted on a per round basis. Votes are due by PM to myself or JCMElway by 2:00pm Mountain Time. We will tell you who to PM the vote to each specific round. There may be some rounds where the deadline will be different, we will let you know at the start of that round.

So with that shall we begin.............

Round 1 Rules to follow shortly!

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