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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
So I went to the library today, they had some teen's volunteering and one of them was reading a book who's cover I recognized but I thought to myself, no way is a teenaged girl reading "Flight" by NASA's 1st Flight Director Chris Kraft. I had to make another pass by their table, sure enough it was Flight, so I told her that it was a great book but she should really read "Failure is not an Option" next.

Now this is where my heart warmed over and I felt that the future of humanity had a chance, the volunteer replied "I wanted that one but it was already checked out"!

Not only did a young teen, who I would associate with Hanna Montana or that chick with the reality show who is married (maybe divorced by now) to a rapper, know who the great NASA Flight Directors were but she is spending her summer reading about them. Plus not only did she want to read "Failure is not an Option" but she couldn't because it was CHECKED OUT! WOO HOO!

I gave a nice lecture on the Kranz Dictum and other NASA books she should read before her eyes shifted to the line forming behind me for her help.

Totally made my day to see a teen reading "Flight" in public, so much so I had to share!
I bet every librarian and adult was wondering where Chris Hansen was while you randomly started talking up a little girl
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