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Paul Ernster

Originally Posted by Old Dude View Post
Here's what I've learned so far:

Alliance #1:

DBroncos4life, Broncosteven, Bowtown, Conklin, Falconer, Irish Stout, BFLOSurvivor, Rabb, Kaylore, ghwk, Ultimatehobo, BM4E, Dr. Broncenstein, Phibacka31, Gunns, Requiem, Heyneck, Quoydogs.

Alliance #2: Ludo21

Uncommitted: Bmoremanning

I put all this data into my tactical data processing machine, and it says that your optimal strategy for the next round is to get Bmoremanning to confirm his participation in the game, then push him in front of the train ASAP.

Nothing to worry about in Round 2, though. The Main Alliance (#1) is filled with so many ruthless, backstabbing sociopaths that they'll have a hard time keeping it together longer than one round.

done and done... although i may need falconer to come out of the wood works too, perhaps bmf bronco too
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