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Originally Posted by Houshyamama View Post
I frequently have flying dreams, always very similar in nature. I suppose I know I'm dreaming and have a certain amount of control over my actions, but I can never control the setting. Very strange.
Then you likely are doing well in life and don't have many stressors. Flying dreams usually, if not always happen when you break through a barrier or are going forward in motion. Really an easy symbolic thing to analyze. You aren't going to have these sort of dreams if you are in a bad way, super stressed, etc.

I probably have a flying dream once a month. However, I always have them after bouts with my kidney issues when I am on the mend. I also have a lot of dreams where I play musical instruments and fly when playing them too -- which is usually after a jam session or when I get done recording some stuff.

I've kept a dream journal ever since 2010 because it is a good training method for lucid and other types of dreaming. I was getting to the point where I would have 3-5 separate dreams a night and be able to recall them in detail each that would be several pages in length. When you become a lucid dreamer, astral projection becomes possible, though few ever get there.

I've had a lot of weird precognitive dreams and as of late, happen to talk to people in my dreams who I don't know, write down their names (when asking them in dream land) and oddly enough run into someone I have never met with that name within the next few days.

My craziest precognitive dream was about 4 or 5 months before I moved to Colorado, well before I had even made that decision. I was driving through the mountains and ended up stopping at a 7-11 gas station where there was an odd conversation discussing the amount of money it was going to cost to repair the gas lines at the store ($250,000) -- and how ridiculous the two male clerks thought it was that it cost so much, when they could likely get a better location for the same price and have a whole new store.

Low and behold, when I stop in Winter Park to get some stuff before moving into my place, that exact same conversation happens. I always carry my dream journal with my in my travel pack, so I went out to the car, ripped that page out and gave it to the guy who was working there.

Blew his mind, he tried yelling at me to come back in, but I knew I'd run in to him eventually. A few weeks later, I ran into him at a concert at a local bar and he had the page in his wallet, showed it to me and was like, "How the Hell can this be true?"

I just shrugged and laughed. How the Hell it works, I dunno. He was one of the best friends I made out there. Strange how things work out.
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