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Explain how I'm comparing 'apples to horses'? Whatever you think that means.
I think I laid it out pretty plainly. At least based on what I understand you to mean by 'public' financing of campaigns.

Ordinarily (from a reform perspective) the common proposal comes down to the 'public' (government) funding all eligible candidates and forcing them to forgo any outside contributions. Is that your understanding as well?

There are no existing programs I know anywhere of that do that. (Not getting into whether it would be constitutional to try)

How about finding ways to make something work instead of just finding ways to say no while have nothing to contribute??

What have you got as an alternative to the blatant corruption??
Massively scaling down the government, or at the very least its ability to pick and choose winners and losers in industry. Quit making government influence so lucrative and the money will dry up overnight. It's the only realistic option. Government will not clean up its own corruption.

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