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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Dude thats what i am saying we have no idea what he is. He believes in a big govt that you have no idea what its doing. Big govt can take on many forms and obviously when it comes to our rights he is a lot like Cheney. He's an ends justify the means sort of person IMO.

So just because I say he is very liberal when it comes to spending and how involved govt should be in the markets, I can't say man this guy is just like Stalin when it comes to using the govt to attack his enemies? Hell no he can and is both of thost people.

Really liberals should be the most upset. You finally got who you thought would be this great liberal reformer and instead you got a mixture of super liberal and authoritarian dictator. Congrats.
What a load of crap.we've admitted long ago that Obama is more centrist .it's you righties that label him a liberal socialist Muslim lover.the problem is that your candidates are so far right that that is why they keep losing.
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