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I think in the end Bruton plays but doesn't start and stay mostly on special teams. But if he did a Wesley Woodyard and the Broncos started scoring good play from players like Bruton and Orange Julious then the AFC better watch out. We could be really strong.

I still think Broncos in a hurry up could be very deadly. I think we saw NE sort of school us last yr. We couldn't sub players out, we couldn't adjust to the fast pace.

Our plan this yr is to be able to do that to other teams. Our offense will have a 3 wr base that hopefully we can run out of. If they add the stretch play, the play action off it, some zone running that works from a 3 WR set I don't see how we don't score 30 points a game and up. Teams will get stuck in a base defense of 5 and maybe even 6 coverage type players or dbacks playing. If they want their situational pass rushers in the game they may have to just play them on first downs or they won't get in the game. IMO that means teams will be vulnerable to the run big time or they won't get a pass rush. Pick your poison.
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