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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Like I said Finkle...ppg defenseman are hard to find. From what I've read there would be strong interest all over the league....only issue is compensation and whether he would sign in certain places.

They should be able to get a better deal for him than they got for Staal and they got a nice return in the latter case.
Letang is a product of playing with Crosby and Slew Foot. Staal is worth more than Letang. You put Letang on let's say the Panthers and he quickly becomes a PP QB and 40-60 point player which is not worth a prospect/pick.

Staal is going to be Staal wherever he plays. Add to that fact you're going to have to shell 5-8 million a year for him, it greatly reduces the trade market. Slow trade market will yield less of a return.
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