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Danny Trevathan

Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
I could never figure out why he didn't succeed. His rookie year he had 5 sacks and scored a TD against Pittsburgh in prime time. Then Shanahan got rid of him and he went to Tampa. I thought he was going to be good.
he actually went and started in Tampa for a while after he left us, so he's actually had a 5-year career, which is one more than the average. He seems to have been out of football in 2012 though so probably done now.

I seem to recall it came down to a straight competition between him and Jarvis Moss for the final DE spot. Moss made himself puke in training or a preseason game or something and I think that sealed the deal as they couldn;t decide.

As a 1st round pick Moss had the higher upside at the time, but in hindsight Crowder was a servicable pro and Moss was in fact more deserving of the term 'Bust'...
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