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i think SF is being way overhyped, same with Seattle. very rarely do the previous years super bowl losers get back to the super bowl, most don't even make it back to the playoffs the following year. add in, Kaepernick has like 9 games of experience and got away with a lot of stuff because teams hadn't game-planned for him. this year will be different. Seattle had an awesome year, and made a lot of moves this offseason, but i think they are a year away from being a true contender. i also think they are very reliant on Lynch having unnoticed big years every season. i think they will be a playoff team, but not a true contender.

i think the NFC representative is going to be led by a QB with a super bowl win. Giants, Packers or Saints.
Yeah, I probably should have added N.O. to the poll. Their defense is so bad though. Probably not as bad as GB's defense though.
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