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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by baja View Post
It's a subtle thing. It's akin to when we refer to as "It"

Elway has it, Manning may not.

Tiger has it, Phil may not .

It's when the game is on the line and the pressure the greatest the guys with "It" reach inward for another level of presence and find the zone.
Elway lost 3 Superbowls so why can't Phil come in 2nd sometimes at a major? I mean, the dude is (as somebody already pointed out) in the top 10 all time in PGA tour wins. Only a handful of the greatest players in the world have more majors then him. Sure, he's not as clutch as Tiger but he's more clutch then about 99% of the other players who've played on the tour.

Jack Niclaus came in 2nd place 19 time in majors. Are you gonna start to bash on that guy that he might not be so clutch because he came in 2nd place more times then he came in 1st place.

I think it's a stupid argument you're trying to make here. Phil has pretty much cemented his place in the HOF. If he adds 1 or 2 more majors then that's going to help him move up the greats list a bit but he's already got more tour wins then alot of the greats (such as Tom Watson, etc).
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