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Actually, he's saying he should start because he's been the best TE in practice so far, and has more upside potential.
Wow, dude. Either you're talking about an article different from the one in the OP or your reading comprehension is terribly damaged.

I went back and re-read the link in the OP, just in case I had been too hasty in my last post, and the words 'best' and 'practice' are nowhere to be found. The most he says about practices is a reference to a article which I also re-read and again makes no comparisons whatsoever between Thomas' performance in OTAs and those of the other TEs.

I did find this tidbit straight from the article, though:
....based on what he can offer the team athletically, I believe he should be the starting tight end....
You do realize that you can root for a guy to succeed without completely diving into his corner and defending him from any and all criticism to the point of making blatantly incorrect claims on a message board, right? You don't have to turn everything into an argument just in case you're 'proven right' at a later point in time.

You can now begin typing, 'Actually, _____' in retort.
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