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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
Curious, cut and Beavis. I know you're desperate both to change the subject and to not agree with the likes of Elizabeth Warren on something, but do you really not think corporate influence and power isn't an issue? Fine, you can think Prism is a bigger issue. But does that mean corporate influence somehow isn't one at all?
Both parties the same it comes down to who you think is better for the markets and what party jives closer with your values. To say though that dems somehow are less influenced just isn't true. Sure they may talk about it more but thats only because thats what the liberal voter wants to hear.

I'm curious Tony. Let's say you are interviewing someone for a job. Applicant one tells you I was a Navy Seal. Applicant two tells you I am part American indian. Then you check and find out applicant 2 lied and she isn't an indian.

What person do you hire. Be honest.
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