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Originally Posted by Hercules Rockefeller View Post
To break things down over the 8 seasons since the lockout:

5-Time 1st Team All-Star (assuming #6 this season)
1 2nd Team All-Star
3 Hart Trophies
3 Pearson/Lindsey Trophies
3 Richards
1 Art Ross
Calder Trophy

3-Time 1st Team All-Star
1 Hart
1 Lindsey
2 Art Ross
Conn Smythe Trophy
Calder Trophy

1 1st Team All-Star (would assume #2 this season)
1 2nd Team All-Star
1 Hart
2 Pearson/Lindsey
1 Art Ross
1 Richard

We should all congratulate Sid tonight, the Generational Talent still has the second best resume on his own team, but he's gaining on Malkin.
I feel for Malkin, he doesn't get the credit he deserves. As for Crosby, clearly a top 10 talent but he's not a generational talent.
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