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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by BroncosSR View Post
This is where I'll stop you. You can just easily say Crosby needed the cast he got when the Pens drafted 1/2 for 4 straight years and top 5 for 5. Dont act like Crosby had carried the team on his back.
Not singlehandedly but he has played a very big role in the teams success. Actually without him they wouldn't have a team anymore. They'd be in KC at the Sprint Center and there would have been no CEC. His rookie season and the attention it drew in the city was a major reason Don Barden had to agree to fund a portion of the arena after his group won the casino rights over the Penguins partner, Isle of Capri. The CEC is literally the house that Sid built.
Its a Hockey Night in Pittsburgh!

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