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Rahim Moore

Originally Posted by TDmvp View Post
Sorry but the way the music and movie industry butt raped the consumers for YEARS they need to just shut the hell up about pirating and get over it.

Call it theft , call it wrong , regardless it's going to happen and it changed the industry for the better as all tech did.
There have been some important changes to the industries thanks to the Internet. And facing up to the inevitability of piracy has created positive effects: I don't think Netflix and Spotify secure the distribution rights they have if the studios didn't need to compete with piracy. But, nonetheless, it's stealing when you download copyrighted material for free, regardless of how you feel about the people owed a cut of the money. Whether you thought it was "rape" how much they charged for a CD, that was the price the market was willing to pay for content they legally controlled.

I'm in my twenties. I've done a ton of it and justified it to myself through various moral gymnastics. But I was just ****ting myself. There is so much readily and legally available content for very cheap, that there is no longer a good excuse to need to steal anything.
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