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Nathaniel Irvig

Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
that's a bold statement but it might be a true one if it all pans out.
really need Thomas to break out into a star. that would put this offense on steroids(without the side effects)
It's bold, but not that farfetched if it pans out.

We have a HOF QB, a solid O-Line, three great WR's as opposed to two in 98. All we're really missing is a stud TE and RB. We had Sharpe and Davis back in the day. So living up to that is a lot to ask for. If Thomas breaks out though and Montee turns into a 4.8-5 ypc beast, then we have a shot to equal or surpass the 98 team.

We actually put up 20 less points last year (481) 98 team in points scored (501). Granted, we did wind things down a lot in 98 because Shanahan wasn't the type of coach who liked to rub things in and pile it on.

As Rev said, the game has changed, but for a passing league we look to be in good shape.
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