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Downloading is not stealing, it's like copying a painting of Picasso and hanging it on your wall. Uploading is copying a painting and giving it to someone else. All the while the original is still in place.

If I could walk up to your house, point a duplicating gun at your car, and then point it into the street and have a second exact same car appear, which I get in and drive away. Did I just steal your car ? or did I reproduce an exact copy ?

Don't laugh because I bet you 50 years ago nobody thought you would be able to do what we can with digital files. A company has reproduced clips for guns using 3D printing, so it may not be as long as you think till a copy of a car can be made.
3 D printers are going to change the world and just kill China;s economy. I bet they are scared ****less of them. It will destroy vast parts of their manufacturing.
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