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Originally Posted by Swedish Extrovert View Post
Fun fact: irregardless is a word.
I don't disagree with this ... neither because it's not a real word nor a double negation.

This move really surprises me ... guys in here say they saw it coming, I don't remember seeing posts like that. One thing's for sure: With just Hillman and Knowshon as backups, they must reeeeally love some Montee.

Just ran into this Pre-2009 Draft analysis of Knowshon:

At the combine, Moreno weighed 217 pounds and clocked in at 4.54 seconds in the 40-yard dash on FieldTurf. He was sick for pro day three weeks later, weighed 210 and ran 4.62 twice on a faster artificial surface.

A total of 15 running backs weighing 213 pounds or less were drafted in the first round from 1991-2008. Every last one of them ran a faster 40 than Moreno. One has to go all the way back to the 17th selection of the 1990 draft to find a first-round back who was lighter and slower than Moreno. His name was Emmitt Smith, who, at 5-9 and 200, managed to do rather well for himself with his 4.55 speed.

Joseph Addai (5-11, 214) and Cadillac Williams (5-11, 217) are backs of recent vintage with comparable size and style to Moreno. But Addai ran 4.40 and Williams clocked 4.45.

"(Moreno) runs hard, he's patient behind his blockers and he's explosive," another AFC scout said. "But do I think he will be all-pro? No. He doesn't have great speed or great size."
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