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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Thats exactly how we played after ww1. But in the long run the staying out of things made even a worst war, world war 2. Since then America has been more hands on in the world.

i think w*gs honestly you will never see us with our head in the sand again. We are like the alpha dog who does not let the other dogs fight unless we say so.

I'm not saying it always works out, just letting you all know thats how it is for the rest of your lives as Americans. Get used to it.

Obama is probably as hands off, stay out of it, as any President you will get. Even Obama though can't stay out of it because the rest of the word looks to the USA. If we aren't there they will looks somewhere else and obviously our govt feels we don't want that.
Are you familiar with the concept of Perpetual War?

Like I said, silent complicity is a major theme of 1984. You ought to give it a read sometime. You might not be so okay with that concept if you actually understood what it meant, and what its implications were for both someone like you and your fellow citizens.
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