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Default Positions Available to help Mile High Horsemen Facebook Group.

At Mile High Horsemen (MHH), we are looking for people that would like to contribute in some way to our group on facebook. We started MHH as a team of Youtube Videomakers that represent our Denver Broncos in the Trash Talking Circle which includes doing bets to prove how loyal we are to our team vs other fans of the opposing team.

We didn't expect to gain tons of support from other fans like we have. Were now the largest Broncos facebook group currently.

We are looking for...


Post articles written by yourself. It can be any subject about the Broncos past or present or maybe about the future.


Help promote the group so other people know about it online.

Private message me or reply to this thread. Or contact me directly on facebook, search Jared Michael Hansen and add me if you want to discuss things more.

Thank You!
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