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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
So what? I can read what military experts say and that's air power needed to break the Syrian govt advantage. Thats like saying playing fantasy football doesn't make you an expert on football so why bother making any comments about what you think Broncos need to do to win.

So which is it do we have to be experts to give our opinions now?
No you don't need to expert to express your opinion, but you should at least want to have informed statement before you throw stuff out. Air power by itself will not provide either tactical or operational advantage needed at this point to change current kinetic actions. Right now the various rebel groups are relying on civilian small arms, M40 recoilless rifles and self made Anti-armor munitions to counter Syrian government advantage of APV (Soviet/Russian BMP and their variants) in urban environments. Inability to operate in urban environments is hinder the rebel movement ability to turn the fight and lengthening the conflict.

So having Anti-armor munitions will grant them an immediate tactical advantage, something they won't get from air support because their is no C2 ability at this moment to coordinate actions. Plus because we have not begun air defense suppression actions, air support is at least 3 to 4 months off, while anti tank weapons could start having effects within a month.

Giving us breathing room to be begin building the required logistic and training support that going to be needed to support this movement.
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