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Originally Posted by TheChamp24 View Post
Not just Asia, Europe, SA, everywhere else.
And again, you're missing the big point. The 360 had a headstart on the PS3, and the PS3 caught up to the 360. You're making it seem like the 360 dominates in the US, and that is just not completely true.
Its not just $100 more expensive, it has higher restrictions as well, and better games? Better experience online? How can you claim that when hardly anyone has actually played a XBone or PS4? Also, you underestimate the PSN, especially PS+. Just recently XBOX is starting to offer free games, something Sony has done for months now, and will continue to do so
Xbox live kicks the living crap out of the playstation service. Or do have you forgotten all the mod and cheaters that get to play on that system. Specially on game like Call of Duty (that sucks by the way). Or have you forgotten also the security breach on hundreds of thousands of accounts? Sorry dude... that is just the way it is... and if you ask any real hardcore gamer they will tell that the system to play multiplayer games will always be the one with xbox live.
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